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Lady Isabelle Nursing Home




Accommodations and Rates

The above rates are set by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and usually change every July.  Ward residents who are income tested are re-tested every July based on the previous year's net income.


For those who want cable TV or telephone services for their room they or their family can arrange this with local services or can talk to Linda or Jason in the main office for assistance with arrangements.


Our four bed Basic rooms are good for those who want social interaction or have concerns financially.  Resident rates in basic rooms are income tested based on a resident's net income up to a maximum of $1794.28 per month.

Our two bed semi-private rooms provide residents with someone to socialize with without being overwhelmed.  We also accommodate couples who wish to share a room.  The current rate is $2040.35 per month.  A married couple may share a semi-private at the basic rate and are eligible for a rate reduction based on their net income.

Private rooms are great for residents who enjoy their privacy.  The current rate is $2347.87 per month.